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Wouldst  thou like to live deliciously?

Introducing our new monthly subscriptions. Where you can choose a wrapped floral bouquet, or items from our shop (or even both!). Guaranteed to aide you in your magical workings. Each subscription will be tailored specifically to you. You can choose the color palette and which day of the week you would like to pick up. Want to switch it up? We can break up your subscription where you can enjoy flowers one week and something from the shop another week. You can also have your subscriptions delivered anywhere in San Diego for an additional upgrade.

For those who need just a little magic in your life. Keep it simple and  affordable with fresh blooms monthly. Or choose a unique gift from our shop to keep the spell cast every month.



minimum of 4 months required


Perfect for those on the go and and wanting a little more in the subscription. Made for balancing your gifts by choosing to get a small wrap of flowers one week, and something from our shop another week. 


minimum of 4 months required


This is our most popular option. Made for those wanting a stunning flower arrangement in a vase to showcase some beauty in their life. Or choose 3 small bouquets weekly to keep your space feeling inviting. Or choose an item from our shop.


minimum of 4 months required


Love options? This subscription is perfect for you. Choose your price point per bouquet for weekly or monthly. Choose half of flowers one week, and half of other items in the shop. Everything you need to conjure up some magic in your life. 


minimum of 4 months required



A year membership. Enjoy the magic all year long with our Coven Membership. For $75 you get a complimentary mini bouquet, 10% off all your flower purchases, 10% off everything retail, you get merchandise included in the membership and access to other discounts like workshops and classes, giveaways, and more! Enjoy fresh flowers weekly with your discount!

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