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Crystal gazing, palmistry, and other forms of fortune-telling were quite popular during the 19th century. But the most popular was tarot cards. Becoming extremely popular in the Victorian era. Now becoming popular in modern day, tarot readings provide insight and guidance into the spiritual realm. We want to tell a story and help find insight through the cards. Search and define meanings and messages behind the readings.

As for flowers, they have a language on their own. Giving flowers for someone can be a form of any type of affection. Whether it being romantic, friendly, sympathetic or even a "just because", flowers help us convey messages through our emotions. So what is to say they couldn't help us find meanings in spirituality and divination? That's what we do.

We speak for the flowers

Our readings are done through a tarot deck specifically design with florals. We can do a simple 3 card pull to represent the past, present and future, or our more elaborate 5 petal layout which dives deeper into a specific question or meaning you would like insight to. We are not fortune tellers, we do not hold the key to your future in our palms or cards. Instead we just want to hone in on meaning and insight that the cards can give us and really just help you understand what you want out of the readings.  


We would love to host your next event! Book us for your birthdays, weddings, bridal showers or whatever you have planned! Send us an email below for event pricing. 

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